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Physical Exams

Our physicians perform a number of physical examination, including general yearly physical exam (including biometrics), pre-op physical (pre-operative evaluation before surgery), DOT/CDL physical exam, school sports physical exam, pre-employment physical exam, immigration physical exam, Merchant Mariner / Coast Guard physical exam (for US Merchant Marine), asbestos physical exam and others.

What is done during the physical depends on many factors, including age, health conditions, job requirement (if done for a job).  Some of typical exams include bloodwork and EKG, while more specific tests may include urinalysis, CXR, and pulmonary function test, and hearing test.

Immigration physical exam and physical exam done for medical professionals involve testing for infectious diseases.

Asbestos physical exam involves pulmonary function testing (PFTs) and may involve chest x-ray.

Our rates for physical exams are affordable, and general annual physical exams are usually covered in full by most insurance plans once per year.

We realize how valuable your time is, and unlike many other medical offices, we honor the time of the scheduled appointments, so that you do not have to waste 20-60 minutes of your time waiting. Our Dallas walk-in clinic accepts walk-in patients (no appointment).  Our medical clinic and urgent care clinic serves Dallas and Richardson, as well as Addison, Uptown Dallas, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Garland and Plano.

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