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Our medical clinic can order diagnostic ultrasound for many conditions, including thyroid nodules, kidney stones, cholecystitis or gallbladder stones, and many other conditions that require a more detailed evaluation using this safe and non-invasive method.  This test involves an ultrasound technician gently moving a cellphone-sized probe on the surface of the skin, using special gel as a lubricant.  This is completely painless and usually takes 20-30 minutes. 

For abdominal, pelvic, kidney, or thyroid ultrasound in Dallas, Richardson, or Garland area, please give our office a call to schedule an appoointment.

Echocardiogram (Echo)

Ultrasound of the heart is called an echocardiogram or echo, and it is done when a heart murmur present on a physical exam or another heart test (such as an EKG or chest X-ray) show a possible heart problem.  Echocardiogram gives much more information about the functioning of the heart than physical exam and EKG (electrocardiogram) heart testing.  The echo test gives information about the thickness of cardiac muscle, heart valves function, and pressures inside of the heart.  Echo is a completely safe and painless test.

For echocardiogram in Dallas, Richardson, or Garland area, please give out office a call to schedule an appointment.
If you need pelvic (non-OB), thyroid, kidney or abdominal ultrasound in Dallas area, please call our office at 972-792-7777 to set up an appointment.

We currently do not do echo on-site, but we can give you an order to get it done.